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Welcome to the Web site of Genealogy & Early History of Mount Washington, Mass.!

Of all the affections of man, those which connect him with Ancestry

are among the most natural and generous -

They enlarge the sphere of his interests, multiply his motives to virtue,

and give intensity to his sense of duty to generations to come,

by the perception of obligation to those which are past. 

- Josiah Quincy

The purpose of this web site is to create a focal point of research and contribution of sourced historical and genealogical research in regards to the Town of Mount Washington in Berkshire County, MA and it's neighboring towns in MA, NY & CT as they apply.

This web site represents years of research into the families of Mount Washington. The information found here is not only a compilation of my own work but the research of others who share a genealogical interest in Mount Washington that have been so kind to share their findings with me and have to have assisted me in my own research. 

If you have any questions, research or photos you would like to contribute to the web-site by all means please feel free to e-mail me !

Any contributions are sought, welcome and greatly appreciated by myself and fellow researchers !

My e-mail is:  michele@stellarwinds.org

I look forward to hearing from you !

- Michele Ann (Patterson) Valenzano

Click on the rose to read the story

This rose is placed here for my husband Rocco Valenzano

dubbed Sir Rocco of Berkshire in Mount Washington, Mass by me July 10, 2004

Without him I could not have built a web site or had anything to build a web site with

Grazie - ti amo



PS -

This is a web-site of serious nature however I also have a sense of humor. I think the animation below is a riot. Perhaps only if you are a true family historian will you appreciate the humor of it. This window seemed to be the only appropriate location for it. -


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